Saturday, November 2, 2013

Updating Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are specially designed counters that store utensils, groceries, electrical appliances and dishes. They are very convenient kitchen features since they offer abundant storage space in little workspace. In simple terms, it is a centrally located countertop used for auxiliary cooking needs and food preparation. Kitchen islands double as tables for quick meals in many kitchens with busy families. A simple design consists of a smooth countertop made of such standard kitchen materials as stone, stainless steel, wood or tiles. The extra area on top allows cooks to prepare bulky items such as pastas and dough or transfer hot food from the fire to the serving table. The countertop on a kitchen island is often placed at waist level or higher, with several drawers for food preparation tools and utensils.

Kitchen islands allow for improved traffic flow in your kitchen by saving space. You should consider updating your kitchen island on a regular basis since it adds storage space and beauty in your kitchen. Here are a few things you might need when updating:

  •     Paint
  •     Decorative wood molding
  •     Appliances, for instance small refrigerators, grills and burners
  •     Light fixtures
  •     Cabinet hardware
  •     Various countertop surfaces

You can also increase the convenience offered if you are creative enough and consider a variety of options. A wide variety of updating techniques can improve the function and style. It's important to make the most of your island since it can be the focal point of your kitchen space. A wide variety of updating techniques can improve the function and style of your island.

Advanced kitchen islands come with working sinks and disposal units for your vegetable and fruit wastes. Simply adding these options can become a good start on converting your simple kitchen island. You can add a side cutting board that will be pulled from one end, while another one can be put on the countertop so that you can easily handle raw foods. It's extremely important that you have enough light to work with, especially if you are handling sharp objects. Add an overhead light, focused tracking light or recessed light to increase the lighting when working. This increases the convenience of owning a kitchen island.

You can add accessories to make it more detailed by installing a small refrigerator unit to store both unfinished and prepared food. Feel free to explore such other options as adding grills and electric burners. For many meals, this may eliminate the need to use a hot oven and save space useful for other purposes. Quick meals can be made from this kitchen island for you and your family. Before installing grills and burners, be sure that the ventilation system in your kitchen is effective. If not, you can solve this problem by adding an exhaust fan beneath the island or in the lighting system above it. This will draw the heat and smoke away from the rest of the kitchen.

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