Friday, August 2, 2013

Granite Countertop Color Selection For Your Home

There are some colors you can select that will create a sense of intimacy and warmth in your kitchen while other colors will brighten a room that was initially dark and at the same time make the room appear large than it actually is. The variance of color in granite depends on the concentration of different minerals that make up the granite slab. Here are some basic tips you should keep in mind the next time you are out shopping for granite countertops.

There are dark colors like the rich dark brown which is popular with many home owners, the reason as to why the dark colors are popular is that they create an atmosphere of warmth and originality and are best suited in large kitchens. The dark color appear rich and inviting to anyone who comes to your home, some of the popular dark tones available are, black, brown and green. The advantage of choosing the dark shades is they have many variables when it comes to secondary colors that you may have in the room making easier to blend. As much as you are choosing the dark tones make sure you go with the theme of your interior and make a color choice that will blend with the dominant color in the room, a color wheel may help you choose the right colors.

You can also get lighter colors which are the very popular because of their ability to brighten the room and make the room appear bigger. Most kitchen have the outward look of being closed in but once you install a brightly colored granite countertop the room will instantly appear bigger than it actually is. The advantage of choosing brighter tones are you can easily blend them with your cabinets and other interior decoration without crashing the colors. The most common colors you can go for are, white, cream, yellow, Beige and blue. Additional tips when it comes to color selection are go for colors that allow for decoration and have better flexibility as the way you arrange and view your kitchen. Brown and Beige work well with large kitchens and they allow re-decoration in the future.

Another popular color choice is blue and black because they have a lot of variables which can complement any room. The best thing to do when shopping for granite countertops is to order a few samples and compare the color with the dominant color of the room. This first hand comparison will give you a clear understanding of how the room will look once you have picked your preferred sample. It is not advisable to go for the trendy colors, the trend keep changing and a granite countertop is there to last for a life time. If you do not know which color to choose, it is then best to use neutral colors since they can complement any type of kitchen.

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